Data Recovery

File loss can occur for many reasons –

  • A hard drive may suffer from a catastrophic mechanical failure resulting in the loss of the entire contents of the drive.
  • Gradual degradation of the hard drive internals may result in gradual inaccessibility of files, often leading to the moment when Windows itself will not boot
  • Files may be accidentally deleted.
  • Files may be deliberately destroyed as an act of sabotage or malfeasance.

In some cases the loss is only an inconvenience and the consequences minimal.  In other case the loss can be very important.  You may have lost all of your emails and documents.  Or perhaps your baby photos and holiday snaps.  Sometimes it can be your business and accounting files.  Maybe the only copy of your University Thesis!

All these are examples of the cases we see. We deal with hard drives, portable drives, the latest Solid State drives, USB memory, camera cards and more.

If you have suffered a loss of valuable files, then call Hard Drive Data Recovery and we will discuss a sensible and cost effective approach to your data recovery needs.