Forensic Services

Digital Forensics is a field of electronic investigation that seeks to identify the content and activity of a digital device, and where possible the intent of the user. Digital devices include computers, external portable hard drives, camera memory, USB sticks and mobile phones.  This information can be used to support dispute resolution and litigation, or simply to establish actions and behaviour of the user.

An examination carried out by a forensic investigator can provide information relevant to your personal concerns, to disputes and allegations, and to legal claims both civil and criminal.

Did you know –

  • Metadata inside documents may reveal your name?
  • E-mail metadata gives away your actual location? 
  • Traces of pictures are left behind even if you deleted the original
  • Hidden Wi-fi data shows where you have travelled? 

Some examples of the concerns we address include –

  • You run a business and are concerned your business partner is doing something inappropriate.
  • You want to contest a loved-one’s Will and think there may be relevant information on their computer.
  • You are going through a separation and believe your partner has undisclosed financial assets.
  • You are going through a separation and believe your partner has internet viewing habits that are inappropriate for a parent.
  • You need to preserve the current state of a computer in case it is need it for litigation at a later date.

The services we provide include-

  • Recovery of deleted, hidden or encrypted emails, documents, photos, financial data.
  • Recovery of passwords, user accounts, login details.
  • Compilation of internet usage history including social media sites, downloads, and passwords.
  • Establish the provenance and authenticity of documents, emails and other files.
  • Investigate activities performed on a computer, including breeches of workplace guidelines.
  • Determine if confidential information has been inappropriately accessed or copied
  • Establish if your system been compromised by malware, viruses or hackers.

This information can prove useful in areas such as –

  • Divorce and child custody
  • Testament disputes
  • Employer-employee disputes
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Fraud

Forensics is a broad and complex area.  Please call us with your concerns and we  will discuss how best to satisfy your forensic requirements.