Password Cracking

Passwords are used to protect a system or file from unauthorised access.  As such they are crucial to your security.  For example a password protects your home or business Wi-Fi network.  Your login password secures your personal files.  A password on your accounting or bookkeeping data prevents prying eyes from accessing information they shouldn’t.

But what happens when you forget your password?  Or when an employee departs your business and has not documented crucial passwords.  Or if data is locked away in an archive or a password protected file through an act of digital sabotage (it does happen!)?

HDDR specialise in recovering passwords!

Certain forms of passwords are straightforward to recover or remove and results can be virtually guaranteed.

Others can be complex and a guarantee of success cannot be given.  In our experience, though, 80% or passwords can be cracked.

Please call to discuss the options available to you.